5 Must Visit Destination to Go for Camping in the Uttarakhand

Must Visit Destination

If you want to do some adventurous activity then camping would be the best option to go for. This adds adventurous memories in the mind of visitors and increases the lust to go for some daring things in life. From all over the world, people come to the land of UTTARAKHAND where they can encounter the real you after exploring the untouched pieces of cake. 

Uttarakhand is one stop destination to find some exclusive gifts of GOD and under the shade of him these places are still beautiful and spreading the glimmer like before. Snow wrapped mountains, frozen roads, exotic species of flora and fauna including the lush green alpine forest. In this place you can enjoy trekking, hiking, skiing and camping as well. In this place there are lots of things you can do and visiting these places seems like two poles apart from each other. Well if you are planning to visit this place then AIPAN RESORT is always there to guide you. We provide all the quality or precious moments in UTTARAKHAND in an affordable budget like most popular hostels for camping in CHOPTA with exciting discounts or offers. 

Today we are lightening towards the best destination which you can choose for camping in Uttarakhand 


CAMPING is a splendid activity which you can choose for because it connects the soul of the visitor with nature and you experience the creativity of GOD. Uttarakhand has some of the best places which would be perfect if you want to go camping. 

If you want to experience the lap of mother, then this place has lots of affection for you. Mother nature is always here for you to give you the same feeling like your mother in childhood. All around the place you will find the lush green bed where you could release your worries after sitting over them. Furthermore, there are all around the sky touching peaks which are covered with snow and impeccable scenes. 

Finding this place is not a hard task, you need to travel 33 kilometers from the “queen of hills” called Mussoorie. 

  • The SATTAL – 

If you want to experience some serene place while camping then this place is waiting. SATTAL is the only destination which is close to NAINITAL and very distant from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can visit alone as well as with family also because finding this kind of utmost peace is not possible to find anywhere else. Here you will find a number of things like hiking, sightseeing and watching flora and fauna present here. Spending the time here could alleviate the worries in your head and encourage you to listen to the voice of nature. This place is in the kumaon hills and it doesn’t consume enough time to capture nature’s enthralling beauty in the mind. 

  • The RISHIKESH – 

If you eagerly want to see the white sand or spend some quality time near holy river GANGA? Then this is the perfect place. RISHIKESH is one of the best camping destinations near GANGA and here you could avail the benefits of hiking, skiing, water river rafting which is the most famous activity there. Above all this is a one stop destination for people who want to enjoy all fun and pleasure including the peace. 

  • The CHOPTA – 

CHOPTA is another perfect destination when it comes to adventure and beauty combo moments. This is also known as – “MINI SWITZERLAND OF UTTARAKHAND” and here you could find lush green forest, skiing, hiking and trekking and many more. And if you are feeling exhausted then here you could find the best hotels or resort services of AIPAN RESORT which gives you a home-like hospitality. Here you will find all the amenities for family, friends and for business class people. 

From here you will find the TUNGNATH temple very close and it would take a little bit to reach there. The only reason to choose this place for camping is that – there are tons of picturesque moments you could capture in your mind. 


HAVE YOU SEEN THE BUGYAL? If not then it’s time to visit this place. 

You could not find bugyal anywhere other than the hilly region of UTTARAKHAND. Taking an experience of bugyal seems like a dream come true watching a movie in real life. Only words could say that – you should not miss this place at any cost. 


ABOVE mentioned are some of the best options which you could choose for camping. Being part of any adventurous activity is like playing on another planet and if you want to see the beauty in reality then these camping destinations would be insanely perfect. 

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