UTTARAKHAND is one of the best travel destinations where you can enjoy traveling, water rafting, trekking, hiking, and many more activities. From all over the world tourists come to enjoy the weekends with their family/friends or a solo trip in the lap of nature. Apart from the traveling part tourists can enjoy the ultimate lip-smacking dishes which can make them healthy and give a decent taste of joy. 

Well, here we are sharing the best dishes which you can enjoy in the UTTRAKHAND, and damn sure these dishes have tasted like never before. 

Here are the following dishes which improves the mood of the visitors 

  • DUBUK – 

This is one of the most famous recipes in the cuisine of UTTARAKHAND. From all the way this dish draws the kind attention of the visitors and its aroma touches the heart. DUBUK is a delicious and healthy dish that contains the lentils of BHAT and ARHAR and with a flavor of spices. Served with rice and BHANG KI CHUTNEY which becomes the icing of the cake for this dish. Due to the mixture of lentils, this dish is a good source of protein which is the required nutrient for bodybuilding. 

If you want to make it at home then make a thick paste of both lentils and fry it in the kathai with the oil and spices. Most people used to consume this recipe in the wintertime and it is digestible. 


Desserts always complete the food and that is why Indians always add desserts or sweet dishes to the food as per the rituals. KHEER is another favorite dish of most people and its aroma and taste make this dish unique and delicious. Jhangora ki kheer is the most famous dessert in the UTTARAKHAND region and healthy too. Contains milk, millets, and sugar (in a proper quantity) and is easy to prepare. 


Another protein-rich recipe is going to serve you. 

This dish is prepared through the lentils and spices mixed well together and someone can enjoy it with rice or chapati. From the aroma to the taste of this dish, everything is up to the mark and people become static while moving. Delicious flavors in the air turn the foody people to hungry for this delicious recipe. 


WANT to give a special flavor to your eyes? If yes, then you must try this recipe for sure. 

This recipe always made a special space in the heart of visitors and their taste buds never forget the taste in any condition. If you are visiting a MUSSOORIE traveling destination then this recipe would be there to welcome you to the restaurant. To prepare this dish someone needs to add KULAD DAL with oil and spices and it doesn’t even take time to come from the plate to the stomach.


Which dish have you asked for more in the restaurant? It would undoubtedly be the one in the UTTARAKHAND. 

This dish is as important as the JHANGORA KI KHEER to make your soul and food complete. The taste of this dish always boosts the desire to ask for more but you don’t need to worry about the availability. Because it is quite famous in the cuisine of Uttarakhand and someone can find it in every restaurant. To prepare this recipe you need turmeric, cucumber, and curd. These things encourage the food to digest easily. From all the way you will talk about this recipe only and that is why it is crucial to satisfy your desire after asking for more. 

  • GULGULA – 

SWEETS always give the feeling of being enough but some sweets have quite different tastes which revives your mood. Furthermore, this kind of sweet always makes your soul incomplete and asks for more. This dish is famous in the northern region and someone can try it as a snack or dessert. To prepare this dish someone needs the following things like – wheat flour, fennel seeds, and sugar/jaggery. Quite simple to make but effective for the mood after taking the first bite. Due to sugar and flour, this dish is rich in calories so if you are health conscious then put your stomach in the limit while consuming. 


FOOD always improves the mood and if you are visiting a traveling destination like UTTARAKHAND then it’s important to put your food in the status or stories. Following dishes will definitely give you a broad topic for discussion with friends or family. AIPAN RESORT is offering the best hotels in CHOPTA or near Tungnath temple for the visitors like family, friends, or solo ones. From this hotel, you can see the beauty and this lip-smacking taste too.


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