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CHOPTA is situated in the UTTARAKHAND and both places are enough to drop your heart after the first visit. These places are the “epitome of elegance” and “ pride of INDIA” . You can’t imagine the ample amount of beauty spread all around here. In the morning, the sun plays hide and seek from the hills or valley and the chirping of birds becomes witness to this joyful act of nature. 

Or if we talk about the waterfall then its beauty sounds different and you may feel like your painting is becoming true and live here. Today we are sharing about waterfalls which you can find in CHOPTA or UTTARAKHAND including required details which you require if you visit anytime there. 

Here are some of the eye-pleasing or stunning waterfalls which you should not miss in CHOPTA, UTTARAKHAND 


If you are someone who wants to become a witness of GOD’s beautiful creation then must visit this fall. KEMPTY FALL is situated near Mussoorie and if you are willing to spend some daytime with your family or friends then you must come. Most people suggest visiting this site in the month of June to October from 8 am to 5 pm. Guide only allows the visitor to spend at least two to three hours of the day. 


This is the only waterfall that has gained massive popularity in recent times. BHATTA FALLS is situated in the BHATTA village which is not far away from the city. Reaching this waterfall is also not a hard task because you can find the bus/car straight from your own place. Steep fall originated from the mountains and most of the people prefer to bathe in this waterfall and can enjoy as much as you can. A favorable month to visit this waterfall is between April to June and the maximum time you could spend is 2 to 3 hours only. 


CORBETT FALLS is situated in Ramanagar and visitors need to cover at least 25 kilometers from their initial stage. This is the best place to spend quality time with friends/family and visitors are independent to choose their preferred time to stay. Camping is also allowed and you can find a dense forest of pinewoods and alpine trees including the chirping of birds all around. Mostly you can find people in the month of October to June month and on the way you can visit NAINITAL also. 


IF you are someone who wants to revive their senses then this fall would be the best option for you. No one can estimate the beauty of this place and can only feel the beauty if someone has opened their soul’s eyes. The height of this fall is about 400 feet and is situated in the Badrinath place. Till now if you are unaware of the real definition of beauty then after coming to this place, the water of this fall already will tell you the real meaning of beauty. Suitable month to visit this VASUDHARA falls is from May to November from 8 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening. 


This enormous fascinating waterfall is situated in the Pithoragarh region of UTTARAKHAND. Visitors can do trekking, and camping in the surrounding place so that they can see the beauty of this heaven site. The touching height of the waterfall is about four hundred feet and the water is frozen clear and shining. If you are planning to visit this waterfall then you can come in the month of September to June and could spend as much time as per their desire. 


After seeing this name you might be thinking about why people call it “tiger falls” but there is nothing to be worried about because you will not find any tiger or cave of tiger. This is an amazing freshwater waterfall situated in the Chakrata, UTTARAKHAND, and the height of this fall is about 50 meters. From all over the world people find this waterfall the most fascinating and serene place to enjoy. Visitors can go trekking and all around this place, you will find lush green forests and melodious songs of exotic species of creatures. 

So these were some of the best waterfalls where you must enjoy if you are going to CHOPTA in UTTARAKHAND. Visitors can reserve their favorite budget hotels in CHOPTA and take a family or friends to ride in these waterfalls. 


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