THERE are unlimited things that are becoming extinct in the world and so are some recipes of UTTARAKHAND. Yes, these recipes were made by chefs of earlier times because as time changed people died and no one has learned that recipe which was very famous at that time. Few things were made by natural things and today it is not possible to get that much pure stuff that can bring taste. Well, let’s see what are those dishes which you are missing in the UTTARAKHAND today. 

Here are some of the lip-smacking dishes which you can’t taste from now onwards 

  • The CHHAUA – 

One bite is enough to drown you in the sea of joy but most people gradually forget about this recipe. Ingredients are quite simple but taste lasts longer in the heart of people if you ever get a chance. This dish is also called a pancake of UTTARAKHAND hills and the following things you require for food are – wheat flour, sugar or jaggery, and caraway. 

After the meal, you can eat a sweet dessert which completes the food and fills the null space of the stomach. 

  • The PUNARNAVA – 

No one can deny the green leafy vegetables and if you want to stay healthy or glowing then this dish should be on your plate. The leafy dish comprises the following things and those are – hogweed, red hogweed, horse purslane, pigweed, and red spiderling. As per Ayurveda suggestion – this dish has magical benefits and no one needs to allow fear in the mind from any diseases. Because this dish will boost your stamina, making this dish in the kitchen is way simple. 


  • VADI – 

The PERFECT companion for health and the best thing about this dish is that there are no artificial tasty ingredients you need to add here. Everything is added and made straight from the kitchen items that is why there are no health-consequences things you will face here. VADI is full-packed with healthy nutrients like A, B1, B3, B5, and B12, vitamins also someone can make it as per their own method. Another exciting thing about VAADI is that you can consume it throughout the year if you have made it without any preservatives. The following ingredients you will find in this recipe are – cucumber, lentils, radish, pumpkin, and the list goes on. People who know about this dish always used to make this dish so that they will never forget it. In this way, their young generation will also follow the same rituals.  


  • LAPSI – 

LAPSI as the name suggests this dish has something mashed and then you will find a thin paste of anything with a sweet taste. Well, you have guessed it right! 

Ingredients you are required to make this dish are – flour, jaggery or sugar, milk, and rice powder in a proper amount. If you have an appetite then you can make this food because it takes approximately 7 minutes to prepare it. Consumable, mouth-watering, and healthy too, gives insane energy to get things done. As per the locals, this dish is used to give to the mother of newborn babies because it is easy to consume. 

So if you want to make any healthy or instant dish then you can give it a try undoubtedly. 

  • LESU –

One thing we can say about the dishes of UTTARAKHAND that is – every dish is packed with healthy ingredients. Every single bite is enough to make you complete and revive the lost stamina. Like this one recipe which is made from millet, wheat flour, and carom seeds, digestible, healthy, and people will find it delicious. If you are someone who likes to taste healthy and non-oily food then this dish is perfect which would suit you. 


Would you like to consume half raw and half cooked meat? If yes then this dish can fulfill your wish 

This dish is made through this method and the fragrance could make you crazy and it will never create a weird experience. If you are planning to have a fun experience in the forest then it could be the perfect dish for barbeque. 


AIPAN RESORT preserves the art of cuisine which people today remember like “those were the recipes” and here you can take a bite of these lost delicious recipes. So if you are planning to visit AIPAN RESORT for the best stays in CHOPTA then another advantage would be to find the flavorful taste of these recipes only here. Pick the best one today and make your journey soul pleasing.

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