6 Unseen Places of Nainital Where You Can Go to Spend Leisure Time


There are the majority of places where you can spend time if you search on GOOGLE but the places that suit you the most are sometimes unpredictable. Every visitor should choose places according to their mood and if you are just bored with the daily chores of your job then it’s important to choose places which provide utmost relaxation to the mind. Following places would be the best choice because these places of NAINITAL compete with the world’s best serene epic destination. 

So let’s take a look at the best traveling destination of NAINITAL which includes all the beauty of the universe lively. 

Here Are the Traveling Destinations of Nainital Which Turn on Your Mood 


VISITORS also know this place by the name of – “DOROTHY SEAT” and this is the best place from where you can do sightseeing. There was a person named DOROTHY KALLET who was a famous painter. After his death, this place is known by his name in the whole region. The elevated height of this destination is about 2290 m and with this much height, you can view the whole Himalayas and Nainital. For visitors, it is open every day and someone can enjoy hiking and panoramic views. 

  • The BINAYAK – 

BINAYAK has an embracing beauty that is adorable more than any other place in UTTARAKHAND. For hiking, most of the visitors choose this destination and this is one of the best choices among others. Best sightseeing, lush green forests containing pine trees, and impeccable adventure experience. Visitors who like to meditate in a serene environment can choose this place too. To this destination, visitors can come anytime, it’s open all day of the year. 


UTTARAKHAND is the place where GODS live and that is why you can see several temples with the ancient history behind them. Similarly, this is one of the best which is built by BABA NEEM KARAULI and this is one of the most famous temples like Kedarnath. There is a huge idol of LORD HANUMAN whose elevated height is about 6,410 feet. To offer blessings most of the visitors come to this place and can capture the epic view of sunrise and sunset. Favorable time is from 5 am to 12 pm and in the evening 4 pm to 9 pm only. 

  • The LAND’S END – 

NAINITAL is one of the best places where you can chill out with enormous playful beauty. In this place, someone could find very close to nature and including the plains, there is a lake and evergreen forests of pine. Reaching this place is not a big deal and people, the means behind the name is that it is a Cliff. So if you are looking to glare at the spectacular views around KHURPA TAL then this place would be perfect. 


There is no restriction for those who are single, it’s just a name!

Like many heavenly beauty-containing places, this is also the one that has a mood relaxing kind of thing. For people who want to take a sigh in the air of a solitude place then these kinds of people can visit this place. Impressive beauty can amaze at the first sight and you will never forget the time which you have spent here. To reach this destination, visitors can come by booking a car or riding horses. A favorable time to visit this place is in the daytime and it will always be open for visitors. 


Who doesn’t like to enjoy waterfalls? 

If you also like to sprinkle the shower of beauty then this waterfall is effective for your mood. Situated in the CORBETT NATIONAL PARK, UTTARAKHAND, and close to the beautiful destination of NAINITAL. Besides this lake visitors can take a glimpse of wild animals for the wilderness experience. So if you are a photographer, animal or nature lover then you must come to this place once in a while. 

Suitable times to spot on is from morning 8 am to 5 pm in the evening and visitors need to pay a fee to enter this place. 

Wrapping Up – 

Above mentioned places are the best which you need to visit in NAINITAL and someone can find multiple things in just a single place. On the other hand, if you are interested in camping then AIPAN RESORT will help you to find the best hostels for camping in CHOPTA


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