Everyone knows that – UTTARAKHAND comes in the list of “best traveling destinations”, but there are lots of famous and tasty dishes which could let you stick with this place. From all over the world, visitors appreciate the magic in the foods available in every corner of UTTARAKHAND. 


If you are going to visit the valley of UTTARAKHAND then never forget to taste this delicious recipe which could be enough to bring an awe-feeling experience. 

  • KAFULI –

This dish is the most famous in the whole region and every visitor needs to take the taste of this recipe because it is a – UTTARAKHAND’s state food. Furthermore, this is a traditional food of this region and a treat from the “Pahari cuisine”. KAFULI is a healthy food that contains spinach and fenugreek leaves with a bit of salt and spices. The gravy which is being added to rice/wheat and water tastes differently and hits the ring of mood. As per the locals, this dish boosts stamina to survive in the lip-biting cold and revive the potential. Has protein, fiber, vitamin A, C, E, and other minerals, these things are essential to fill the requirements of the body. 


In the cold winter season our taste buds want to have a lip smacking dish which is a famous food in the cuisine of the UTTARAKHAND region. In this dish there are following things which add aroma in the food and these are – seeds of bhang, cumin seeds, hemp seeds, red chillies, lemon, tamarind. This dish has a tamarind taste that is why it is rich in VITAMIN- C more than any other sources. 

  • PHAANU – 

This is the best source of protein because it contains a mixture of lentils and usually people take it with rice. PHAANU is a kind of soup dish for the tastebuds and after being soaked in water for the whole night, the makers prepared it with oil, spices, turmeric and water. 

  • BAADI – 

Another famous dish of UTTARAKHAND is here. This dish is made from the Kwada Ka Aata, ghee and water. Due to essential nutrients and vitamins, this food is healthy, tasty  and fulfills the necessary ingredients of the body. BAADI is rich in Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A and you can take the Phaanu with this dish for the best experience. Whether you stay in the north or south region, never compromise with your health and choose the food which would be packed with essential nutrients. 

  • Jhol of potato and tomato – 

The aroma and taste always grabs the space in the heart for this dish and is quite famous in the UTTARAKHAND. This is prepared in every home of the region and visitors need to take a taste once in a lifetime. Well if you want to make it at home then – fry the steamed potatoes with the gravy of tomatoes, onions and spices. Best thing about this dish is that – it doesn’t take enough time to prepare and you will feel better after consumption. Dish contains a rich source of carbohydrates and vitamin C which brings back the lost potential. 


What would you say if you get mind blowing taste and healthy both the things altogether in just one dish? KANDALEE ka saag has something which is perfect for this definition and if you want to know more about this dish then read more. 

This saag has a different taste which sticks to the mind and is much healthier because it contains bicchu ka ghas ( leafy vegetables like spinach ), onion, ghee and spices. To improve the condition of the immune system, this dish is required and it is rich in VITAMIN A, so you should have it while visiting the place. 


CHAINSOO is a dish made with pulses and especially URAD dal, spices and ghee. As per the doctors, lentils is rich in protein and to build muscles someone needs to consume it once in a day. One thing for sure – this dish is easily digestible and someone could take the pleasure of underrated fragrance. Visitors must take a taste to chill out the mood with this dish from an exhausting journey.  

Wrapping up – 

The secret of feeling comfortable from the tiring journey is hidden in the tastebuds, so if you have served that kind of lip smacking dishes. Then nothing would be a big deal and in just a few seconds you could impress them. Following dishes are the most famous and delicious in taste and few of them fulfill the essential nutrients in the body. Visitors could find these dishes in every budget hotel in CHOPTA to experience the “pahari taste” in just a single place. 


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