7 Places in Chopta Never Miss to Glare at the Beauty Around There

7 best places in chopta

CHOPTA is an interesting place where you could do exhilarating activities like sightseeing, bird watching, trekking, water sports, and many more. If you are confused about the name of a stunning traveling destination then CHOPTA would be the best option for you. The numbers of visitors are uncountable and so are the interesting moments for which you become compelled to add in your diary. Here some come for the pilgrimage to places like Tungnath temples, Kedarnath, Rishikesh, and many more. Another best thing is that – you don’t need to hustle for the best stays in CHOPTA and you can find luxurious pleasure under an affordable budget.

So if you are planning for visiting CHOPTA then there are a few places you should visit for sure 

Here are some of the best places for enlightening scenic beauty 

  • The PANGOT – 

If you want to spend some quality time with nature only then PANGOT is the best-suited place for you. In this place, you can hear the melodious voices of birds and can take panoramic scenes of PANGOT. There are a few more places which you can visit are – HIMALAYA botanic garden, Kainchi Dham which could make your mind chilled. 

  • The GWALDAM – 

This beautiful place is situated in the CHAMOLI district of UTTARAKHAND which is a comparatively more silent zone than the whole UTTARAKHAND. If you like to see lush green forests and attractive landscapes then you can choose this place for an offbeat experience. The best thing about this place is that – you can meet with a Buddhist monastery. 


This peak is situated in the PITHORAGARH district and you can take advantage of the utmost fascinating weather, bird watching, trekking, and many more mind soothing scenes. Here are some of the best places which are major attraction places for visitors, and they are – pancheshwar, vanasur ka Kila, and lohaghat. 

  • The KHURPATEL – 

IF you ever planned for NAINITAL then you must visit the place because it does not exist at distant miles. KHURPATEL is situated at an elevated height of about 1600 m and you can see the fish in its lake while reaching there. Some of the most attractive places along with this destination are – KILBURY road, Khurpaa Taal, Sariyatal for the best experience.  

  • The RANIKHET – 

One of the surprising facts about this place is revealed today and that is – Britishers want to make this place their own territory because of its stunning beauty and amazing views of the Himalayas. Compared to SHIMLA, it is one of the most beautiful places. Another thing which will give you a reason to be here is that – the population of visitors is not that much as expected in other destinations. Best attraction places are – mankameshwar temple, jhula Devi temple, and Ashiana park-like more. 


Another unexplored place is here, and if you like to glare at the beauty of the Himalayas in a solitary manner. Then you must be here. Still untouched by the visitors and you can find beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and all-around lush green forests. MUKTESHWAR is the single place that is a complete destination of all the required places. Due to the temples, this place is a hub of spirituality and a solitary environment. A few more places which you can visit are – Mukteshwar Dham temple and Shaolin ki jaali. 

  • The NAG TIBBA – 

THIS place can’t be your destination but if you want to spend time below the sky then this place would be perfect for you. Here you could make a camp and spend some time in this unexplored place and can visit NAG DEVTA TEMPLE. People who like to do trekking could explore this untouched place of UTTARAKHAND.

  • The LANDOUR – 

Have you ever met with RUSKIN BOND? If not, then this place could make your first meeting with him. 

Well, this place is another famous attraction for most visitors. Things which you should not ignore are the home of RUSKIN BOND and the German bakery. All around this place you will find a massive solitary environment and gracious views. 

Wrapping up – 

Some parts of the Himalayas are still untouched, but there are lots of things which you could see here. Above mentioned places are those which are still unexplored by many visitors, they usually visit those which are famous enough. But if you are planning to go again to CHOPTA or UTTARAKHAND then make sure you first visit these places for the relief of mind. Visitors could book the resorts in CHOPTA near KEDARNATH and then could start their trip so that they get a shelter after returning back from the trip.  

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