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CHOPTA is a cold temperature-based traveling destination where people usually prefer to spend their time with family or friends. This place is also known as – “mini SWITZERLAND of the UTTARAKHAND” because of snow-capped mountains, snowfall, lively panoramic scenes, and unseen creatures. Some of the sports activities which visitors can enjoy here are – trekking, hiking and water sports like many more. Mentioned all those activities are amazing and a bit exhausting that is why it is important to consume food that revives your energy after a couple of seconds. Well if you are still preparing yourself for any of the sports then don’t take our tips on diet for granted because it will never make you fatigued instead of long playing hours. 

These tips are recommended by experts and it’s better to not spend the whole time in the hostels in CHOPTA due to bad health. Keep your body alive and fit no matter wherever you are going, these tips are inevitable for you. 


Food plays an important role to maintain your stamina and boost metabolism for further activities. People who are conscious about food never fall down and those are comparatively better than those who don’t care about it. The glow of your face is the reflection of a healthy body and it gets reduced if anything happens to your health. So if you are conscious about your health and want to know more about healthy foods then here are some best tips to stay away from fatigue. 


As per the doctor’s suggestion – a perfect plate should contain all the ingredients like protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals including roughage. So if you are traveling apart from your home then you should contain such kinds of foodstuff which are rich with all those ingredients. In this way, you will always carry 2000-4000 calories to make yourself energetic. 


If you are going out for trekking/hiking or indulge in any kind of sports activities then the food which you are packing for yourself should be light in weight. Otherwise, it will soon make you tired and can create some aches in the body. Things that you can put in your traveling bag are – dry fruits, snacks, and more. You can eat these foods anytime and anywhere, also this foodstuff can give you instant energy for beating the next hurdles. 

  • Avoid food that is perishable – 

This thing can make you annoyed because if you are someone who likes to travel more but recently you get to know that – the food which you have put down on your bag will perish. Then it could be disastrous because now you have nothing to eat through which you can continue your next journey. Instead of those foods, you can carry fruits like bananas, apples, and grapes like many more. Fruits are healthy snacks that could meet your body’s requirements while traveling. 

  • Make the environment eco-friendly – 

Foods should be covered with those which are biodegradable and could be reused for further work. Try to maintain the cleanliness in every place because it is the heritage of India and this is our responsibility to keep it beautiful. Never throw wrappers in anywhere because it will demolish the image of that place. From the initial stage of the journey, you can change the bag from reused or recycled bags. 

  • Avoid food that requires excess water and time – 

There are many foods that require heating, baking time, and water to complete the process. But you never know where you should go for trekking, hiking and camping or whether you find all these things there or not. Due to this reason, you should bring such kinds of foods which do not require further effort and time. Visitors could bring foods like porridge, instant soups, and couscous for the consumption of instant meals. 

  • Choose foods which are cheap in price – 

You might have heard above some of the best foods which you can buy for yourself. Make sure you don’t go for something tasty because the taste doesn’t last for a long time, but if you are choosing the quality then it will be a good decision. Should be very conscious about money management and you need to save money also. 

  • Pack some extra too – 

If you are going out for trekking, hiking and camping then you must pack some extra food for yourself because due to any reason you could take a stay for one or two days more than planned. Due to this reason, it is important to avoid suffering due to food and enjoy the place with the excess food. 

Wrapping up 

Awareness about what to eat and what is not is important and it will help us to make your body robust, fit, and healthy. So if you are planning for the next trip then make sure you take these tips seriously. 

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