8 Things you Need to know Before Visiting KEDARNATH


KEDARNATH is another holy temple of LORD SHIVA and it is one of the oldest temples in UTTARAKHAND. Most of the devotees from all over the world come to visit this temple and it is one of the jyotirlingas from the rest 12 sacred Jyotirlingas in INDIA. Surrounding environment becomes more beautiful and mesmerizing when the enchantments performed by the priests. This temple is only open for six months from April to November and for another six months its door will remain closed for the visitors. 

If you are planning to go on a vacation then make sure you check in this temple as well. There are lots of life altering experiences you will find here and reaching this temple is also not a sophisticated thing to do. 

Thing which you need to know before visiting this temple 

Before visiting this temple, you need to take care of few things and here we are mentioning those things below – 

  • Must bring woolen clothes – 

As this is a hilly region and the temperature fluctuates after every second. That is why it’s important to bring everything with you in order to protect your health. No one wants to spend their quality time in a quilt and can’t enjoy it while having a cough or fever in this beautiful place. So bring woolen clothes while wrapping your bag for the Kedarnath temple. 

  • No smoking or alcohol is allowed – 

This is a sacred region that is why it’s important to respect nature and holy places of INDIA. So do not bring any kind of irrelevant stuff in your bag because it might be possible that you pay for this kind of sin act. Security and safety is always there 24/7 to protect this place from unnecessary crowds. 

  • No medical facilities –

If you have any health issues then avoid traveling for a long journey because in this temple it is rare to find any kind of medical facilities. Due to this reason, if you still want to travel then keep it in your bag at your own pace. This temple is situated at a very high altitude that is why people who keep inhalers or have any prior breathing problems need more safety. 

  • Consume boil food only – 

At high altitude, it’s important to be cautious about your food and health. That is why it’s important to consume food which gets digested easily because there are no other facilities to get your desired food. In this high altitude it’s important to consume those kinds of foods which makes the body warm in this cold region. Also it’s important to avoid ice creams or cold foods. 

  • Book hotels to relax – 

Around the temple you might find some places where warning signs are put up for the safety of visitors. Try to avoid those places and don’t underestimate those warning signs and it is better to choose any hotel or resorts for refreshing the mind. 

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  • Prevent your face from sun rays – 

In this region you need to face the frozen breeze and harsh rays of sun both altogether. First rays of sun in the early morning fall in this region. That is why it’s important to protect yourself from these rays. Apply sunscreen after every four hours in order to keep yourself protected from these scorching beats of sun. 

  • Bring safe water – 

Whole region is enclosed with snow but still it’s hard to find pure water. That is why it’s important to buy water from a secure place because tap water is not fit for drinking. But you don’t need to be worried because there are lots of places where you can find safe drinking water to satisfy your thirst. 

  • Make sure you are fit to travel –

If you are willing to come to this place then it’s important to be healthy and fit to travel for greater heights. Before coming to this temple you need to clear the hurdles of ‘MEDICAL FITNESS CERTIFICATE’, this thing proves that you are officially fit to travel. 

Wrapping up – 

Kedarnath is a sacred place and if you are also a devotee of lord SHIVA then this place you must visit. From all over the world people come here to embrace the beauty surrounded here. But it’s important to know which kind of things become a barrier in reaching those heights. So take a glimpse over these things and then move forward.


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