8 Trekking Essentials You Must Not Forget

Trekking Essentials

If you are going in the hilly region then it is important to keep stuff which you may require in the journey. Most trek lovers should remember these things because they are going for the purpose of trekking only. Someone doesn’t know you will reach the destination instantly or it will consume a lot of time in the same place. In the long trekking distance, it’s not possible to find local shops for all the required things. The majority of treks are in a rough and rigid place that is why there is no existence of human beings. 

So here we are sharing some of the best trekking essentials which you need to keep in the bag if you are planning to step out.

Here are 10 essential stuff you need to have otherwise it will let you fall into a pit of trouble

  • Direction tools – 

It is not necessary to just rely on the guide. Sometimes you should also take responsibility to keep your stick with yourself. Be aware of the direction that you are heading in the right direction or not. For directions, someone can use – map, compass,  GPS application, alert ring, and many more. 

  • Lamp – 

A torch or lamp is another essential tool which you should keep with yourself. Most of the local people say that – the sun sets early in the hilly region, the whole region becomes wrapped up in the dark sheet. Due to this reason, you will be surprised to see this phenomenon of nature. To see the path clearly, you must turn on the light so that you will be with the same troop. 

  • Sunscreen – 

To protect themselves from the UV rays, you must have sunscreen of better SPF. Most people are highly sensitive and get affected easily by the scorching heat of the sun. Along with sunscreen, you must-have sunglasses and a cap to cover up the eyes and head from the sun. 

  • First Aid Kit – 

In trekking, you may get hurt through the snowy stones or from anything. To resolve this problem visitors need to have some medicine in the first aid kit to control the situation for some time. Basically, you must have the following things in the first aid kit – bandages, pills, tweezers, and blisters. 

  • Safe drinking water – 

In the long trek, it is not possible to get fresh water and that is why you should keep the water-filled bottle while traveling. Also, there should be a tool to filter the water to make it fit for drinking water. Trekking is an exhausting activity that is why you must be hydrated to avoid inconvenience in the journey. Suggested filters are – aquatabs, evernew hydration bags, and sawyer mini water filter. 

  • FIRE KIT – 

In the hilly region, only fire can bring warmth to you. That is why you must have stuff that could protect you from the lip-biting cold. You need to have clothes like thermal that do not allow the frozen cold to pass inside the body. The fire kit includes lighters and some instant heating stuff in case of emergency. Make sure you clean the ash and residues of fire because forests soak the heat most rapidly and in a few minutes the whole jungle gets a fire. 

Nature has given lots of things so it is our responsibility to return the same and with utmost care. 

  • Food, and Beverages – 

The LONG trek requires food which gives you enough potential to take the next step forward. Keep a good amount of foods that are easy to consume and don’t require any further process to make it. Never expect that the trek will be completed in just one day, at least you must have food packed for two days. Always keep yourself ready to deal with future complications. 

  • Tents – 

To get better sleep or rest in the trekking destination you need to keep your tent all the time. Along with a tent, you must have a comfortable sleeping bag for the best kind of experience. The tent should be of good quality so that it will be durable and work in any place. In trekking, the only tent is the shelter which could protect you from the slaps of unpredictable weather. 


TREKKING is a playful and adventurous activity and you can enjoy it multiple times in the hilly region like UTTARAKHAND. From all over the world people like to visit this place to explore the region. To bring all the best moments with full comfort and joy, someone needs to be there and that is – AIPAN RESORT. Whether it is the matter of arranging the best hostels in CHOPTA or guiding for trekking, everything happens as per your desire. 

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