The Complete Guide on Travelling to Chopta by Road

travel to chopta by road


Chopta is connected well with the metro cities with a profound public transportation system. Here we explain to you the different ways as you plan travelling to Chopta by Road. 

Note: For the sake of your better understanding, we have considered ‘Delhi’ as the reference point in most of the cases.

Case 1: Travelling to Chopta by Road Completely on public transport.

Honestly, there are no direct buses from Delhi to Chopta. However, you may get a bus to Guptkashi from Kashmiri Gate ISBT. Guptkashi is located at a distance of 43 kilometres from Chopta. The bus generally starts at 9:30 PM from Delhi and drops you Guptkashi at around 11:00 AM (depends on the road conditions.) We recommend you to pre-book your seats if you plan travelling to Chopta by road as it is the only bus to Guptkashi from Delhi.

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Shared taxis are available to reach Chopta from Guptkashi (but aren’t very frequent.) They will charge you somewhere between ₹100-150/person, depending on the season you’re travelling in.

If you don’t get a shared taxi from Guptkashi to Chopta, you can take a taxi to Ukhimath instead. Known for the famous Omkareshwar Temple, Ukhimath is another town that is located close to Chopta.

The distance between Guptkashi and Ukhimath is around 17 kilometres and the taxi would charge you somewhere around ₹40. From Ukhimath, you can easily find shared taxis to Chopta and will charge you ₹80-100/person.

‘Bhookh Hadtal Bus Service’ in Kedarnath and Chopta Valley During the period when the ‘Char-Dham’ Yatra is open, a bus service locally known as ‘Bhookh Hadtal (hunger strike)’ operates between Kedarnath and Badrinath. Guptkashi and Chopta, both fall between Kedarnath and Badrinath. If it’s the yatra season, you may take ‘Bhookh Hadtal Bus’ from Guptkashi to Chopta directly. ‘ Story: The people in the Char-Dham Belt went on a hunger strike to demand a bus service that would connect both Kedarnath and Badrinath. The demand was finally met and the service was named after the hunger strike itself. The bus service provides connectivity to thousands of small villages along the way.

You always have a plan B in hand. If you miss the last and only bus to Guptkashi, you may take the bus to Rudraprayag from Kashmiri Gate ISBT. Please note that getting direct taxis to Chopta may be an ordeal from Rudraprayag. So, you should get a taxi to Ukhimath and continue your journey ahead!


You can also take the bus from Kashmiri Gate ISBT Delhi to Srinagar Garhwal and then take the bus to Ukhimath from there.

Travelling from Rishikesh to Chopta by bus

  • Government run-buses are easily available from Kashmiri Gate ISBT Delhi to reach Rishikesh. 
  • You can take a bus to Ukhimath from Rishikesh at 5-5.30 AM.
  • If you miss the bus, you can take a taxi till Rudraprayag and travel to Ukhimath from there.

Remember: While you are in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, you may easily find a private bus service commonly known as ‘Vishwanath’ and ‘GMOU.’

Case 2: Visiting Chopta by cab.

You can easily get cabs from Delhi to reach Chopta.

If you are willing to book a cab from Rishikesh to Chopta, you can negotiate with the taxi drivers you find generally at the bus station. It is always recommended to book a cab from some genuine travel agency or cab service.

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Case 3: How about travelling to Chopta on a Bike?

The past few years have seen a heavy influx of people travelling to Chopta on bike. With the newly constructed ‘all-weather roads,’ riding in the hills becomes a cakewalk. As you travel towards Chopta, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Alaknanda river along your way.

You should take the following route to reach Chopta from Delhi on a motorcycle:

Delhi > Meerut> Haridwar (Uttarakhand welcomes you) > Rishikesh > Srinagar > Rudraprayag > Kund > Chopta.

You may also plan to hire a bike on rent from Rishikesh and plan your journey ahead thereof. The best time to visit Chopta on a bike is from February to June, September to November.

During the winters the roads in Chopta are fed with heavy snowfall, you may find difficulty riding a bike in the hills. Also, the roads are narrow and are covered with a thick layer of mist that makes it more slippery. This may lead you to lose your balance and can invite unwanted incidents.

During the months of July and August, the entire Chopta valley experiences heavy rainfall. The condition of roads is good but the rainfall can disturb your riding. If you are the one who loves riding in the rain, go ahead!

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