Temperature in Chopta, Tungnath & Chandrashila.

Temperature in Chopta Valley


The temperature in Chopta generally remains pleasant throughout the year. The nights are always cold, and you will always require at least a blanket to sleep warm. The days, however, may be mildly warm in summer.  

The following article aims at giving you an in-depth insight into the climatic conditions of Chopta. Additionally, we have provided information on the nearby areas too. Make sure to read till the end! 


The Climate in Chopta

The climate of Chopta is cold. Chopta lies between the dense Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary and often experiences sudden weather changes. Even on a very sunny morning, you can expect rainfall within few hours. It keeps the temperature of the place fluctuating. 

Please note that the data provided here on ‘the temperature & weather conditions’ was collected after referring to various sources, offline & online. It also includes consultation with the locals and residents of Chopta. 

Chopta’s Weather Today- Find out the current weather conditions

 Chopta in August

The temperature of Chopta in August remains below 22 degrees. The valley witnessed heavy rains and lesser crowds. Most of the time, you will see a cloud/fog cover engulfing the valley. Mostly, the people looking to practice Yoga & meditation visit Chopta during August. The reason behind this is the lesser crowd, customer-friendly tariff and peaceful environment!

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Chopta’s Temperature in September. 

Chopta’s temperature in September hovers between 5-20 degrees Celcius. The rains are frequent till mid-September. The last few weeks of September are pleasant. However, the weather generally remains hazy and cloudy. The roads are clear and open to travel. The nights may be slightly cold, and you need to put on a sweater. 

The weather of Chopta in October

The weather of Chopta in October is cold, and the temperature fluctuates between 3 degrees (at night) to 18 degrees (during the day.) The season in Chopta after monsoons is best suited for trekkers. The entire valley is full of greenery and blooming flowers. October is also one of the best times to visit Tunganth Temple. Additionally, you can find several bird-watchers visiting Chopta in October. Carry woollens with you. 

Chopta in November- The Climate

November is the time when the gates of Tungnath temple generally close. The temperature can go down to -3 degrees at night to a maximum of 14 degrees during the day. By the end of November, you can expect the first snowfall in Chopta. However, it is hard to predict the snowfall. In the year 2020, the first icefall in Chopta occurred in the first week of November. 

The days are clear and offer crystal clear views of the Himalayan ranges. We recommend you carrying thermals & jackets to keep yourselves warm. 

Chopta temperature in December

The temperature of Chopta in December goes to a minimum of -6 degrees Celcius and a maximum of 10 degrees. It is the period of the onset of winters in Chopta Even after a light rainfall, you can expect snowfall in Chopta in December. Interestingly, you might celebrate your Xmas & New Year while it snows all around!

The weather of Chopta in January

The weather of Chopta in January is -10 degrees at night and 5 degrees maximum (during the day.) The entire valley is covered with snow. The roads are blocked and sometimes inaccessible. However, you still find a large number of people visiting Chopta in January. We recommend you confirming the condition of the roads before you plan your trip. 


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The temperature of Tungnath

The temperature of Tungnath remains even colder than that of Chopta. Tungnath lies at an elevation of around 3,500 metres and experiences heavy snowfall in winters. The weather of Tugnath at night can be as less as -10 degrees during winters. During the day, the temperature rises slightly till 5-6 degrees with a burst of pleasant sunshine. 

  • August: 5-20 degrees with frequent rains. 
  • September: 5-18 degrees with frequent rainfall. 
  • October: 2-12 degrees with cold nights and sunny days. 
  • November: -5 to 8 degrees with chances of snowfall. 
  • December: -8 (at night) to 5 degrees during the day. Snowfall expected. 
  • January: -10 to 3 degrees. Extreme cold nights with mildly sunny days. 

The temperature in Chopta for the next 15 days


Chandrashila Temperature Guide

The temperature of Chandrashila remains bone-chilling during the winters. Even during the summers, you can feel the cool breeze while you are at the summit. In winters, you will find your hands getting numb as the cold wind strikes you. 

In November, December & January, the weather in Chandrashila remains below -5 degrees at night and less than 8 degrees during the day. 


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The temperature of Chopta is quite unpredictable. Even in the case of a slight rainfall, the temperature can go down remarkably. You should plan your trip wisely and always confirm the weather conditions beforehand. Do not forget to carry ‘warmers’ as there are no ‘clothing stores’ in Chopta. 



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