Do You Know About the World’s Highest Temple in Tungnath?

Temple in Tungnath

TUNGNATH is situated in UTTARAKHAND and here you will see the world’s highest temple of lord shiva named as TUNGNATH temple. This temple is prestigious and one of the oldest in the hindu mythology and due to this reason the majority of people come to visit. Height of this temple is about 3890 metres or approximately twelve thousand feet from the land. 

One of the priests told the history about this temple and said that – this temple comes under the panch kedar temples. After winning the fight with the kauravas of pandavas, vyas advised them to accept the guilt in front of lord SHIVA because he is the only one who could pardon them from this guilt. Well they were trying to search for him but lord SHIVA has changed his look and become a bull in order to avoid pandavas because he did not want to meet them. Then after sometime he came back to his real look and pardoned for this guilt. This temple is also one of the parts of panch kedar and here you will find the hands of that bull and similarly in other four places rest parts of the body of the bull. Visiting this place is a different experience and if you are someone who likes to learn the history of India then this place is just for you.

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Let’s carry on with some of the incredible amazing facts about TUNGNATH temple 

  • The reason why people call this temple TUNGNATH and here we are dropping down the answer and that is – one of the range of himalayas whose name is Tunganath and that is why this temple is known by this name. Also revealing the real meaning of this word – TUNGANATH means “lord of peaks”. 

How to reach the tungnath temple? 

In the winter season or in the heavy snowfall, it becomes a sophisticated task to reach the peak. Visitors also prefer to do trekking and it needs to cover at least 4 kilometres. It takes 3-4 hours straight to CHOPTA. The  nearest airport is – JOLLY GRANT AIRPORT which is situated in DEHRADUN, if you want to move through the air. Furthermore you can use the accommodation like a private or public bus which comes from nearby places like CHOPTA. 

So you don’t need to worry about reaching the temple because it is way easier and you can find a train/bus or taxi. 

Things which you need to keep in mind before visiting this temple 

Tungnath temple is a divine and holy place so there are following things which you should avoid and you do not need to treat this as a traveling destination. 

  • Photography – 

You are in this beautiful place and capturing the moments in the camera is a wish of everyone. But in this temple you need to take care of that – it is not allowed inside the temple. 

  • Bring winter clothes – 

This place is extremely cold and you need to come here through trekking because there is no vehicle which moves straight to the temple. Due to this reason, you need to bring here boots, trekking shoes and jacket, thermals or water as well. Make sure you need to protect yourself from trekking shoes because here you will experience quite slippery ice. Well here also you can find shoes which are good for trekking. 

  •  Connect with your loved ones – 

In this hilly region, availability of the internet becomes invisible and here rely only on solar power for connectivity. That is why it is important to bring your own power banks so that you don’t lose your productivity while traveling. 

  • Rainfall – 

Rainfall is very common in this region and that is why it is important to bring rain coats in order to protect yourself from the rain. In this region trekking and rainfall could be possible anytime.  

Wrapping up – 

Tungnath temple is one of the world’s highest temples and it is a beautiful place which you need to visit once in a lifetime. Finding the home or hotels in TUNGNATH is also not a big deal and one thing for sure everything is affordable, reliable and secure.

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