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Chopta’s environment lives like heavenly. The place is known to very few people but is an extraordinary tourist spot in Uttarakhand. Also known as Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand is located in the Rudraprayag district of Ukhimath town. 

The very nature of this beautiful and easy trek, distance, and connectedness of Chopta make this ideal weekend escape from Delhi and can even be completed as a 3-day trip. 

The valley is an extraordinary destination for a vacation with your family and friends. Visiting a place that holds the charm and placid beauty is worth visiting with several sites in Chopta to explore. 

Chopta is a joy to visit throughout the year. People who look forward to getting rid of summers and its scorching heat, prefer to come here. But for adventure lovers, the winter trek is a dream to fulfill. 

Extraordinary Tourist Spots To Visit Near Chopta

While discovering the extraordinary tourist spots near Chopta, every spot is a paradise. The natural habitat of the Chopta valley has been appreciated a lot by people across the world. While engaging yourself in an adventurous activity, the good-natured environment is a bonus point. 

As we all know Uttarakhand is home to many sacred and religious sites. Places like Chopta are also known for their architectural impact and ancient past. 



The hill station of Uttarakhand is also home to the highest Shiva temple in the world. Situated in the extraordinary mountains of Tungnath is located in the Rudraprayag district at a height of 3,680 m. it is considered one of the Panch (five) Kedars built a thousand years ago that holds historical significance. 

This charmer lies in the middle of mountain ranges and is extremely beautiful. The religious fragment is what attracts devotees across the globe over the past few years. It is a fantastic place for people who love adventurous activities and trek towards the temple. The place is a perfect blend of serenity, beauty, and spirituality.


It is located at an altitude of 4000m above sea level. It is one of the best places to visit for sightseeing. According to mythological tales, Chandrashila is the place where Lord Ram meditated after defeating Ravana. Chopta has a lot of myths related to the Ramayana. Chandrashila means “Moon Rock”. You can also visit the temple which is dedicated to the goddess Ganga upon Chadrashila.

Rohini Bugyal 

A perfect spot to camp with a group of friends covered with the dense forest of Chopta Valley. Rohini Bugyal means green meadow and you can visit this place by trekking to Chandrashila peak via Deoria Tal. This is one of the most famous tourist spots in Chopta. 

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Pitching your tent and camping in Chopta while waking up to astonishing views of sunrise coming out of the mountain is like a dream come true which gratifies our soul. 

Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary 

One of the famous sites to explore is situated on Gopeshwar-Chopta road. You might also come across exotic houses made of straw and stones on your way. The place is encircled with thick forests where these musk deers are found for people who idealize nature and wildlife. 

While continuing and enjoying your journey, you might also come across a sparrow-sized bird in the honeyguide family, a yellow-rumped honeyguide mainly in mountainous forests along the Himalayas. 

Deoria Tal 

The place gives you the heavenly feeling and all-embraced view of the Himalayan peak. Interacting with people here will enhance your experience in Chopta. It is situated at an astounding altitude of 2300 m above sea level, which is one of the best places to visit in Chopta.

Most Excellent Places To Stay In Chopta

There are many simple guesthouses and homestays to stay at at Chopta, ranging from high to low. While some are also named ‘hotels’, don’t expect any standard of luxury. 

But there are top hostels in Chopta – are nicely located camping resorts situated between beautiful, thickly dense forest in the valley. 

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We often are perplexed before booking a hotel due to many reasons. We make sure to go through the suitability and appropriateness that hotels provide in terms of hygiene, cleanliness, locality, security, hospitality, and budget-friendly. 

Travelers also come across beautiful, picturesque views of landscapes with lush green meadows and pastures that satisfy the soul of each one of us. The view of exotic houses made of straws and stones is filled with wonders that can make anyone go flabbergasted. 

How To Reach Chopta?

Chopta By Road: The roads are prominent with Delhi and Haridwar. Chopta is about 226 km away from Haridwar and will take about 8-10 hours to reach here.  From Delhi, it is 401 km to Chopta. It is situated 33 km away from Ukhimath and 68 km from Rudraprayag. 

Chopta By Rail: The nearest railway station to Chopta is Haridwar situated 226 kms away. Haridwar is well connected by railway networks with major cities of India. Buses and Taxis to Chopta and Ukhimath are easily available from Rishikesh.

Chopta By Air: Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest Airport of Chopta, situated 219 km away in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand state. The remaining journey has to be covered either in a taxi or in a bus. Taxis are easily available to Rishikesh, Rudraprayag, Ukhimath, and Chopta from Jolly Grant Airport.

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