Hospitals in Chopta: The Complete Guide

The photo shows one of the hospitals in Chopta, Uttarakhand. Some ambulances in front of the yellow colored building of the hospital could be seen in the image. The image is of a government hospital.


What we usually skip as we plan traveling to the mountains is knowing the medical facilities present there. It is to note that most hill stations today lack proper or even have no healthcare facilities. Knowing them could prove to be beneficial in case of an emergency. As you plan your trip to Chopta, we’ve written the following article to find out the nearest hospitals in Chopta. You must keep a note of them as you start your journey!

Let’s find out more:

1) Are there any hospitals in Chopta?

No. There are no hospitals in Chopta. The tiny hill station consists of a few dhabas and hotels/resorts/ campsites only. The nearest market to Chopta is in Ukhimath, around 30 kilometres away, and it takes approximately one hour to reach there. 

Even the healthcare facilities in Ukhimath are not very sound. Ukhimath consists of a Government-run hospital (PHC.) The hospital has an OPD that is generally open between 8.00 AM- 2.00 PM. However, you can reach out to the hospital even after 2.00 PM in case of an emergency. 

If any ‘major’ injury, patients are sometimes referred to the Government District Hospital in Rudraprayag for further treatment. The distance between DH Rudraprayag and Ukhimath is around 44km, and it takes you an hour to reach there. 

2) Ambulance Facility 

Like many states, the government of Uttarakhand also runs an ambulance service known as DIAL 108. 

In case of any emergency, you may dial 108 from anywhere in Uttarakhand. In most parts of the state, the ambulance generally reaches the spot within 30 minutes after making a phone call. The service is free of cost. 

3) Other hospitals nearby Chopta

The nearest hospital to Chopta with high-end facilities is in Srinagar Garhwal. The distance between Srinagar and Chopta is around 110kms, and it takes you three hours to reach there. The hospital is generally known as Base Hospital and is government-run. Due to a higher number of doctors and medical instruments, Most of the patients from the Garhwal region are referred here. 

Phones: +911346244706


4) Tips:

1) Before starting your travel, you must not forget to carry a medical kit with you. 

2) If you are undergoing a medicinal course, you must carry your medicines with you as you travel. Sometimes, you may find it hard to get the prescribed ‘medicines’ at the medical stores (in the mountains.)

3) You must confirm the availability of a first-aid kit from the hotel/campsite you’re planning to stay at. Also, make sure that the medicines have not expired. 

4) Some hotels in Chopta might have the facility of doctors-on-call. They may have tie-ups with some of the nearby hospitals in Chopta. 

5) Never take shortcuts and take only the original route while you trek up the mountains. Making shortcuts may sometimes prove to be very dangerous and can lead to severe injuries. 

Top travel tips you must know before you travel to the mountains. 


As you finish reading about the nearest hospitals in Chopta, you are ready to head towards your exciting and memorable journey. Do not forget to make a note of all the details that we shared with you here. It will prove to be very helpful as you embark on your journey! Stay Healthy! 

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