Reasons Why Chandrashila Is So Famous Among Visitors


CHANDRASHILA is situated in the UTTARAKHAND and is well-known with the name of “moonrock”. The height of the CHANDRASHILA peak is about 3689 meters and at the top, visitors find the most prestigious temple which is situated there. From this height, you can take a view of the whole area of Uttarakhand including the glimpse of magnificent beauty rolling out all around. Tungnath temple is famous and 1000 years old known by the name of tungnath temple and this is the world’s largest and highest temple of the lord SHIVA. 

As per the hindu mythology, this is the place where LORD LAXMAN of RAMAYANA EPIC meditated after finishing the fight with RAVANA. That is why this is the holiest and divine place for all hindu visitors. 

One of the reasons to choose this place over everything is this only and the rest of the things we are going to mention below : 

Reasons why to choose CHANDRASHILA over everything – 

Before visiting any place this is important to understand in-depth about it and if you are someone who loves to explore the location then you may be interested to read all this – 


Trekking is one of the most enthralling activities in CHANDRASHILA and this is a bit challenging if you want to explore the UTTARAKHAND. From all across the globe, people come to visit CHANDRASHILA for finding some adventurous tastes. To reach the CHANDRASHILA trek, you need to go through CHOPTA ( mini SWITZERLAND of UTTARAKHAND ) and TUNGNATH temple. Whether you are with friends, family, or alone this trekking could be enjoyed by anyone because it is favorable for everyone. 

The best time to visit here is in SUMMER or in April to June because the difficulty level becomes high in the winter.  

Trekking is a kind of exhausting activity that is why it’s important to choose some best hotels near CHANDRASHILA to get relaxed and a kind of refreshment too.  Finding the hotels is also not a big deal because AIPAN RESORT is offering you luxurious apartments/hotels or resorts where you could avail of all the facilities under your budget. They have all the required stuff to make your journey memorable and effective including the equipment of activity and heart-touching views. 

In this hilly region, sometimes trekking could be scary. That is why it’s important to be with a guide to complete the trek securely and safely. Most people do not have proper awareness that is the reason they may fall into the confusion of what to carry with themselves in trekking. 


DEORIATAL Chandrashila trek is another best destination to do trekking. This whole place is uncovered with forest and elevated peaks wrapped with mountains. In this place, you can encounter a variety of flora and fauna and this trek would give you a chance to get close to nature. For people who like to capture good moments then they need to visit this place. As per mythology,  Bheema of epic MAHABHARATA had created this lake, and also few more lords bathed in this lake. There are mainly four divine peaks that are highly worshiped by the local people present here. 

As you move, the beauty present here keeps beautifying itself. Deoriatal trek is safe and the difficulty level is not that much so you can explore the beauty spread around this place. 

Weather Conditions 

Weather conditions of the north region change all the time. That is why it is important to choose the time and destination to land. The best time to go trekking is in summer ( APRIL TO JUNE ) and a weird time to be here is in winter ( December to January ) to avoid the sufferings of heavy rain, snowfall, and wind. Autumn is another best season to see the greenery and calm breeze all around. 

Things which could bring with you for trekking 

If you are jumping into the game of trekking then one thing is for sure to avoid the hit of snowy weather. Our body is not that much comfortable accepting the harsh and below the temperature of cold weather. That is why it’s important to have a safety suit that protects your body from the frozen cold. For trekking, you need to have winter trekking shoes, jackets, scarves and a bag of rain cover, a led torchlight, a water bottle, and an identity card. 

Wrapping up

Trekking is one of the most adventurous activities which helps to open the parachute of the mind. In UTTARAKHAND you will get a chance to perform some challenging dares and if you are ready to take a ride then choosing the AIPAN RESORT as a pivot would not be a bad idea. 


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