Snowfall in Chopta: The Complete Guide

Introduction: It’s the snowfall in Chopta that fills the entire valley with joy and vibrancy. The winters in Chopta are chilly, cold enough to make your cheeks and noses red. The entire valley gets engulfed with snow allowing a large number of people to visit the valley. In this article, we have explained to you the finest details that you must keep in mind if you are visiting Chopta during snowfall. 

The Right Time to See Snowfall in Chopta

The snowfall in Chopta starts at the end of November. However, there have been cases when the snowfall happened during October too. The snow season goes till the end of February/mid-march. December to January are the months when the snow can last till a week. Thereafter, the snow starts melting within a day after the occurrence. 

Snowfall in Chopta 2021

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels

The year 2021 is going to be very cold in Chopta. As per the latest reports released by the meteorological department, the winters in Chopta will witness an increase in the cold by 25-30%. This is a piece of good news for the people looking to spend their winters in Chopta. Moreover, you can expect snowfall in the first week of December this year. 

Is it safe to travel to Chopta during snowfall?

Yes. It is safe to travel to Chopta even during snowfall. The roads are laden with snow most of the time. However, you may easily find snow-cutter machines deployed to remove the snow from the road. We suggest you drive slow as the road sometimes might become slippery due to excessive snowfall in Chopta. 

Where should I stay in Chopta during winters?

There are a limited number of hotels in Chopta valley. We suggest you confirm the availability of the hotels before you plan to check in. Starting from the second week of December, almost all the accommodation facilities in Chopta remain packed due to the Xmas & New-Year Weekends. Additionally, due to excessive snowfall, the approach to some of the hotels might become difficult. 


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Can I travel to Chopta by bike?

Photo by Mansoor from Pexels

You must be very cautious if you are planning to travel to Chopta by bike in winter. The road above the Ushara region in Chopta remains covered with pala/mist and is often very slippery for the bikers. However, on a sunny day, the roads might become rideable. You must contact the locals before you plan on going to Chopta by bike. 


Chopta is one of the destinations in India that offer the best winter view. Chopta is also famously known as Mini Switzerland of India due to its unparalleled beauty. The place indeed is to die for and create memories of a lifetime. Let’s come and enjoy the snowfall in Chopta. 

Snowfall in Chopta