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In this article, we explain to you the perfect time to visit Chopta. Counted amongst the most visited places in Uttarakhand, Chopta is generally known as ‘Mini-Switzerland of Uttarakhand.’ The tiny hamlet sits near Ukhimath in Rudraprayag,  Uttarakhand. Surrounded by lush green fields and snow-capped northern mountains, Chopta valley comes under the Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary. In the past few years, the hill station has become a choice of tourists looking for cinematography, camping, hiking and trekking. Perched at an elevation of 2,680 metres, Chopta is also the base camp for going to Tungnath and Chandrashila peaks. In this series called the beginner’s guide,’ we bring you a piece of in-depth information on different destinations across Uttarakhand.  Find out how!

Suggest me the perfect time to visit Chopta?

The perfect time to visit Chopta is between September to mid-June. However, we do not recommend you to visit Chopta during monsoons as the valley experiences heavy rainfall during that time. Additionally, most hotels and lodges remain closed during the monsoons seeing the lesser flow of tourists.

Visiting Chopta During Winters:

If you want to catch the sight of snow-capped mountains and are willing to try some snow-trekking, winters are the right time to visit Chopta. The entire valley remains covered with a thick snow blanket and experiences heavy snowfall. The temperatures may go down to minus levels even after a single rainfall. We recommend you carry proper woollens before you plan your trip to Chopta in winter.

After every snowfall, the roads are covered with ice and generally allow tourists to park their cars at Ushara, Pothibhasa or Duggal Bittha. The roads are cleared by the Public Works Department (PWD) very often to get rid of the snow. However, if you plan to go towards Gopeshwar/Chamoli (from Chopta,) you must confirm the condition of the road from the locals.

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Visiting Chopta During Summers:

The temperature of Chopta during summers is pleasant. The valley remains cool enough to give you some respite from the itching heat of the plains. Generally, the temperature goes to a maximum of 26 degrees Celcius in Chopta during summers. The minimum temperature of Chopta during summer hovers between 6-10 degrees Celcius (at night.)

Chopta is one of the important stoppages of all the Char Dham Yatris. The Char Dham Yatra includes Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. Chopta, being in between Kedarnath-Badrinath highway- remains lively with the tourists during summers. Secondly, the yatris prefer visiting the Tungnath temple which is also the highest Shiva temple in the world. Tungnath is just 3 kilometres from Chopta.

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Travelling to Chopta after monsoons.

If you want to explore the best Himalayan views from Chopta, you should visit here immediately after the monsoons. It is a perfect time to visit Chopta as the views are crystal clear after the monsoons. Secondly, the meadows look the best after the rain-showers. The entire valley remains covered with lush green grass. Movies like ‘Kedarnath’ were shot here only after the monsoons, seeing the beauty of the valley during this period. 

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Does the budget on stays change with the seasons at Chopta?

Not really. The time of the season you pick to visit Chopta is never a constraint to your budget. Most hotels in Chopta charge you on a per person basis round the year. However, if it’s the Xmas or New Year Weekend, any long weekend, the rates may rise seeing the high demand of the people. You can get the best rates at hotels in Chopta easily after the monsoons. It is the time between September and October.

Best time to visit Chopta with family & children.

Summers and post-monsoons are the best times if you plan to visit Chopta with your children. The temperatures are pleasant during the days and the nights are somewhat chilly. You can also plan to visit here during winters but, you must always ensure carrying enough sweaters, jackets, gloves and socks for your children. Additionally, as the nights in Chopta during winters may get very cold, you must consider ensuring the availability of a room-heater before booking a room. If you want to enjoy the snowfields, you must go there after 11-12 AM. It is the time when the valley starts receiving mild & warm sun rays, keeping you alive for the day!

The most suitable time to visit Chopta on a motorcycle

February to June & September to mid-October is the perfect time to visit Chopta on a two-wheeler. The road between Rishikesh to Kund (near Chopta) is a double-lane road and broad enough to enjoy a bike ride. Being a part of the ‘Char-Dham All Weather Road Project,’ the road is operational throughout the year. From Kund to Chopta, there’s a single-lane road and is well constructed. As you reach near Ukhimath from Kund, you can catch a sight of the snow-capped mountains. You can also visit Chopta during winters (on the bike) but make sure you carry proper gear before going.

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Tips for travellers

  1. If you plan to trek to Tungnath during winters, you may be asked by the SDRF officials to show your identity cards. Ensure carrying them.
  2. You should prefer to take a guide with you if you plan on going to Chandrashila peak during winters. 
  3. Trekking and Hiking equipment such as boots, sticks and tents are easily available for rent at Chopta. You can ask your hotels to arrange it for you.
  4. Always eat and drink well before you start your trek.
  5. Always book your stays and transportation in advance. It may help you to avoid the last hour rush, and also costs you less.


 Each passing season at Chopta has a different view to imbibe and new memories to create. The valley keeps you full with its astonishing views and super friendly people. Yet, knowing the perfect time to visit Chopta valley (as per your taste) can help you get the maximum out of your experience! All the best on your journey!

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