Best Places to Visit in Chopta during summers

Introduction: The world is large and so is the desire of humans to wander around. When it comes to visiting some place, you always want to explore the area to the fullest. As you plan your trip to Chopta, here, we have filtered out the best places to visit in Chopta that will help you squeeze out maximum of your travel-experience!

I bet on my words. You will surely need a pair of thermals to keep yourselves warm if you visit here even during mid-summers! While choosing these places for you, we have kept pointers like time, budget and number of days in mind to help you serve better! Let’s not wait and head straight away to the point!

  • Tungnath: The mandatory destination to visit when you are in Chopta. Interestingly, Chopta is the gateway to the world’s highest Shiva temple known as The Tungnath Mahadev Temple. The distance between Chopta and Tungnath is just three kilometres which you can cover in 2-3 hours. The trek is suitable both during summers and winters. You get to see a 360-degree view of the Himalayan ranges when you reach here. The trek to Tungnath is not a tough-one and can be easily covered by a beginner.
  • Chandrashila: Chandrashila is a peak that sits at an elevation of 4,000 metres above sea level and is commonly visited with Tungnath Mahadev temple. The peak is located at a distance of 1.5 kilometres away from Tungnath and includes a steep trek to reach here. At the summit, you can catch the sight of Mount Chaukhamba, Nanda Devi and Mount Kedar peaks. A tri-color stands hoisted at the top and has become a common selfie-point these days. You may choose to spend some time sitting at the top and feeling the cool breeze flowing. What adds icing to the cake is the sunrise and sunset views from Chandrashila. You must plan catching one of them if you are planning for an exciting travel experience.
  • Syalmi Bugyal: While you are in Chopta, you should not miss the opportunity to spend a night staying at tents pitched on long grass fields. Syalmi is a beautiful village and one one of the best places if you plan camping on dome tents while you are in Chopta. The bugyal or meadow offers sublime views of Chopta valley and is a perfect destination for stargazing and birdwatching. The trek to Syalmi starts at Tala, a village located 17km ahead of Chopta. The distance between Tala and Syalmi Bugyal is three kilometres and hardly takes 1.5 hours to reach the maximum. The trek to Syalmi bugyal is a beginner level and is a cakewalk for even beginners. While you plan ‘camping at Syalmi Bugyal,’ you must not worry about carrying your own tents. The dome-tents are easily available on rent and can be obtained from the hotels you are staying at! Contact us today to get your own tent.
  • Rohini Bugyal: If you desire exploring the nature in its purest form, you must visit Rohini Bugyal. The meadow has started gaining the attention of tourists in the past few years due to the unseen view it offers. If you are planning to look for some best places to visit in Chopta, Rohini Bugyal must be your key-choice. The meadow is situated 3 kilometres away from Syalmi Bugyal and 6 kilometres away from the base point called Tala. The uphill and downhill can be easily covered in a day. If you are a trek enthusiast, you can plan trekking to Chandrashila or Devariya Tal from Rohini Bugyal. The trek will surely send a chill through your spine and will let you earn memories of a lifetime! Contact Us to know more about your trip to Rohini Bugyal.
  • DevariyaTal: Devariya Tal or Deoria Tal is a high-altitude lake situated in the Chopta valley. The lake sits between a thick forest and is situated 22 kilometres away from Chopta. The trek to Deoriatal commences at Sari Village and is a beginner one. The distance between Sari and Deoriatal is 2.5 kilometres and it hardly takes 2 hours to reach the lake. The trail remains embedded with red rhododendrons during the summers and the entire valley seems to be painted in red. You may plan eating a Maggie or try some local pahadi juices while you trek up to Deoriatal. You can also plan going to Rohini Bugyal or Chandrashila from here if you are very fond of trekking!
  • Madhyamaheshwar: The second among the panch-kedars, Madhyamaheshwar is a beautiful temple dedicated to lord Shiva in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. The trek to Madhyamaheshwar starts at Ransi village which is located 45km away from Chopta valley. You can find a river (Madhyamaheshwar Ganga) flowing along as you trek to the temple. What makes Madhyamaheshwar one of the best places to visit in Chopta is the view of Mount Chaukhamba it offers. If you are here, you must plan trekking to ‘Boodha Madhyamaheshwar’ which is situtated just 1.5 km away. When you reach here, you can feel yourselves very close to the Himalayas. You literally feel as you can touch the Himalayas! Sublime!

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Now as you end up reading about some of the best places to visit in Chopta, you must be filled with enough enthusiasm to conquer your trail. But, what may bother you is the question that how can I cover all these destinations when I have limited number of days in hand? Don’t worry. We specialize in making the best possible itinerary for you and keep in mind your budget, number of days and destinations. We also remember to keep in mind your travel-taste while recommending you the destinations and let you earn moments for the entire life! The best part is that we plan it for free! Yes, Get in touch today!

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