The Social Responsibility

Let us give back to the mountains

It was the year 2015 when the countries across the world pledged to make various resources of the earth sustainable and available for the coming generations. The countries signed on 17 goals generally called the Sustainable Development Goals and promised to achieve them by 2030. The Aipan Resort (TAR) Chopta supports the cause and acts as a player in fulfilling these goals for India.

Every culture has its unique art form that keeps its identity alive. The Aipan art is one such an art form of Uttarakhand. Usually drawn on auspicious occasions in the past, the art form seems to lose its relevance with time. We at TAR Chopta are committed to promoting the Aipan art to keep the culture and the identity of people alive. This also makes us the first-ever resort in the region that works parallelly on reviving the lost culture. The actions are certainly in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We aim at making women independent and more powerful than ever. Our expert and dedicated team takes the responsibility to train the women to draw AIPAN, the traditional art form of Uttarkhand. The women are encouraged to make merchandise with a touch of AIPAN in them. The merchandise is later sold at TAR Chopta, providing a good margin to the craftsperson. The action empowers the women and promotes the art too while supporting Goal 5 of the United Nations’ SDGs that mentions empowering women and girls.

At TAR Chopta, we plant saplings with every 10 new customers visiting the property. We have also introduced a system of tagging the plant with its parent. Here, the sapling planted by a person is named after that person. We regularly update the customers of their plant. This keeps them motivated to plant more trees. The action supports the goal number 13 of the United Nations’ SDGs that speaks of taking urgent actions to combat climate change and its impacts.

We promote responsible tourism and believe that the beauty of the mountains should never be compromised. We encourage and train our guests to travel with a responsibility.